Thursday, 15 September 2011

If you find yourself in Hell, better keep moving and fast!

I haven't written anything for soo long... been sad and listless.. been imagining days gone past..on shopping sprees.. blowing few thousands in a day.. just for the fun of it.. on shopping and not seeing anything suitable but hey buying on the whim ...Ahhhh those were the days pampering ...facials.. masssages.. manicure .. pedicure ..and travelling to foreing lands ... mmmmm .. was I really happy those times?
I am actually happier now but still I miss those times .. If only I am at this emotional state of mind  and at  that financial state.. I think I would have been so so happy .. with time on my hands free to do anything and with lots of money to enjoy lifes luxuries! ..My dream .. My secret desires.. time and money for me to use as I so desire, when can I reach that level of happiness?
Been checking my fortune ... trying to decipher on my Ba Zi numbers Phat Chee? o whatever ... but trying to see in the future whether I can be there? LOL , how impatient I am. But it does look like a Great future awaits me! ... mmm problem is my now , my today... I want to reach that dream so much ... I get so stressed out.     Owwww! I have to drag myself from my sweet memories and focus on the present. Trouble now , am in Hell......

I have the task on clearing my erhemmmmm run-in with the Income Taxes... more like smack!!!!! You owe the government this much of Income Tax! Wharrrrtttt? !!! Damn, I thought, that was all taken care of back then with monthly deductions from my Income. Luckily, I can extend the monthly payback time ....TGFT! Therrreeee is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Huhuhuhuhu ... Now I need to move my lazy bum, I need to move fast ... I really have to generate my extra income.. Also really need to prepare for my retirement fund. And also need to save up and to generate my passive income. Need to start doing!!!!!

Back then,  I guess I was too happy spending my current fortune and also future fortune , and forgot about the nitty-gritty.  My future fortune accessed through Credit Cards.. Damn those credit cards they are too enticing ...

Now am in very very tight budget as it really  is payback time.  I had to take drastic measures.. I had to stop using my credit cards. Just went cold turkey no excuses even for my own birthday.  Did some financial structuring, took loans at a lesser interest than charges on my outstanding credit cards amount. .. Bam!! The lhdn hit me... arghhhh however am I gonna survive this ?

There is hope ! I decide. Rather than mope around and cry and regret and fantasize my past and be in depressed mood all the time. My Happy Positive Affirmation for this situation that am currently  !  "Its okay, bound to be opportunities to get more money, even excess to be able to service my loans, save for my retirement, save for my future businesses(erhemmm), enough to cover my bare-bones living expenses and the best part money for my little shoppings , also more than enough to create my passive income.   God does Love me so much . Amen ~__~
There is hope !

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